Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Big Comfy Couch

Technically, my couch isn't made of that "memory foam" stuff, but in a day or two that's not gonna matter -- there's going to be a clearly defined Chris-shaped groove in this cushion. I've been here - leg elevated, attached to this ice machine - for more than 24 hours now. As I mentioned yesterday, I've got plenty to keep me occupied in the "Recovery Zone," as my wife dubbed it: Phones, TVs, a laptop, a Playstation, a Kindle, books, and magazines. But I'm not gonna lie, being stuck in one spot is getting old. 

And my butt's getting sore. 

But I should probably suck it up and deal with that. That may just be the appetizer to my main course of pain. Everyone warned me about the second day -- when the local anesthesia starts wearing off. I can tell that's starting to happen. I can feel the cold water pumping through that contraption and I can tell when the compression kicks in - that part is good. That tingling sensation is also becoming more pronounced in my left quad - that part is odd. And then there's the knee. I feel ya now, knee. Not a sharp pain, but a bit of a dull ache - that part isn't so good. And yes, I am absolutely taking my pain medication - as advised - every four hours to stay in front of it. 

What worries me a little, is what it's going to be like trying to sleep tonight. Last night was pretty tough because of this immobilizer. You know those days when the three-year old didn't want to go to daycare so he wrapped himself around your leg so you couldn't leave? Imagine trying to sleep with that kid still giving your leg a bear hug. That's what it was like last night. Not painful, but quite uncomfortable. Tonight, I'm afraid the bear won't just be hugging... he might be biting too.

Today's Title:  Now that's a comfy couch

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