Monday, October 20, 2014

The First Time in Forever

Okay, maybe not the first time in forever... but for the first time in October, I got up at 2:30AM and went to work this morning. Three weeks is the longest I'd ever been away from work, so I wasn't sure how re-entry would be. It was pretty unremarkable.

By the way, how weak am I? Using the title of a song from "Frozen" as the title of this post... hoping to steal a few "clicks" from fans of the movie who get linked here by Google. (Oh, hello fans of Elsa and Anna... thanks for dropping by!) 

Anyway, today I went back to work. And in most ways, it's like I never left. If you watched, you saw I was using a crutch. (You could argue I use verbal "crutches" on TV all the time, but I digress.) We stand on Good Morning CT, so the crutch was a necessary companion. I just can't put a lot of pressure on that leg. I'm at the point now where I'm dealing with kind of a vicious cycle. The better I feel, the more I do... the more I do, the more my leg hurts. I have a feeling that'll be the case for awhile. I'm trying to listen to the oft-repeated advice I've heard recently: "Take it slow... Don't try to do too much... Go easy on yourself." I'm trying...

Unfortunately, this morning's news was not so pleasant. I guess that's usually the case... maybe I just noticed it more since I've been off for a little while. We were covering several "death investigations" from the weekend. And I found myself saying "Ebola" this morning, far more frequently than I'd said it during the three weeks I wasn't on television. I guess news is gonna news... (Or should that be "newz is gonna newz..."?)

Finally, a thank you to my coworkers who seemed genuinely happy to welcome me back this morning. Either you guys really did miss me... or you are a fine bunch of thespians. And a great thanks to the many people who emailed, tweeted and facebooked (that is a verb, right?) me to say nice things about my return. Sometimes I forget how many people make me and the GMCT part of their mornings. I -- we -- really appreciate that. Talking to you beats talking to ourselves...

Today's Title: Okay Frozen fans, here's your song

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