Friday, October 3, 2014

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

How 'bout a Friday update? It is Friday, right? It's amazing how you lose track of things when you're sitting on the couch, waiting to get better, wishing you could fast forward.

It's also amazing how 48 hours sitting in the same place can feel like so much longer than 48 hours. I got out of the house yesterday for my first follow-up with the surgeon. And the feeling of freedom -- to be able to unhook my leg from the ice/compression machine for more than just a bathroom visit -- was amazing.  As for the medical update, everything is as it should be. In fact, my leg looks surprisingly less horrific than I'd expected. I've got a picture, but just in case you are reading this while eating I'll spare you. But seriously, why would you be reading this while eating? 

Anyway, getting out of the house yesterday was a treat. It was even more so today. I had my first physical therapy appointment. My exercises at the moment consist of slowly, gently bending my leg... pushing down on a towel beneath my knee by squeezing my quad... and turning my ankle to "draw" the alphabet. Exciting stuff, huh? The physical therapist also said things look good. But as I've mentioned, I'm not the most patient person and this slow, deliberate approach to getting back on my feet is frustrating. But, I know better than to push it. In the meantime, I'm gonna be the best leg bender, quad squeezer and ankle speller there is.

Meanwhile, life goes on around me. My wife has been juggling caring for me, preparing for a major conference at work and organizing a school fundraiser. My kids have been going to school and soccer and swimming and student council meetings... thank goodness for my parents and our friends, who've been helping with the taxi service, dropping off food and generally offering support. 

It's all made me think how fortunate I am to have family and friends nearby to help. "It takes a village," as a friend texted me the other day while offering to help. I'm fortunate I live in that village. And, more important, I'm even more fortunate that this setback is only temporary. I know eventually I'll be up and moving again like nothing happened. And I know there are others who are dealing with challenges far more daunting than mine. Seriously, I see what they're going through and think "suck it up, Velardi." There are far worse things than sitting, waiting and wishing...

Today Title: The relaxed stylings of Mr Johnson.

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  1. When I was younger I broke my leg in a car crash and had to remain on my own sofa for a few weeks. It definitely felt like I was sitting their for years. At the time the physical therapy felt like a pain, but looking back it really helped me heal and get my full range of motion back. Just hang in there. You will feel better in no time.

    Corine Traina @ U.S. HealthWorks San Jose