Friday, October 17, 2014

I Will Not Take These Things For Granted

I've been complaining a lot lately about how difficult it's been to, well, do pretty much everything. My leg hurts, the immobilizer is uncomfortable, crutches are inconvenient. Doing simple things has been hard. Just standing up has been painful. But you know what I've realized? ... I've really got nothing to complain about.

I've already turned the corner. I'm driving again, so in the last 24 hours I've taken my daughter to her guitar lesson, gone to the grocery store, gotten my haircut and gone to the dentist. So, you know, really taking advantage of my freedom. On second thought, maybe driving again is overrated. And on Monday morning -- or more accurately, sometime overnight Sunday into Monday -- my alarm will go off and I'll be going back to work. 

Here's the thing, life is getting back to normal for me... as opposed to this becoming my new normal. I've had a lot of time to think (daydream, ponder, theorize, imagine, consider, etc) while I've been sitting here for the last 19 days.. and as my mobility has been limited and my ability to do the things I'm used to doing has been compromised, I've thought a lot about those who are struggling with health challenges far greater than mine. Far, far greater... long-term health challenges. Like, not even close... like, stop your whining Velardi. 

Look, I know I don't have to, but I feel like I should say it write it -- I've been blogging, posting on facebook and tweeting... not to complain, but to tell the story of my recovery. I thought it might be interesting to share how a regular guy, a weekend warrior-type who isn't an elite athlete, recovers from a surgery like this. 

There's a light shining very clearly at the end of this, yes, painful.. yes, frustrating.. yes, inconvenient.. but yes, ultimately temporary tunnel. And inside this tunnel, I've learned how easy it can be to take things for granted.

Today's Title: I can't believe this song is 21 years old


  1. I've enjoyed following your recovery glad your heading back to work and getting better so we can all get back to normal now!

  2. Chris, I love your blogs. I am so happy you are doing better and yeaaaaaaa, going back on air Monday. Take it slow.