Friday, October 10, 2014

Video Killed the Radio Star

I've been watching a lot of radio during the last week and a half, as I've become one with my couch. No - I'm not delirious from the pain meds (not completely delirious, anyway) -- I typed that correctly. I've been watching a lot of radio. 

There is a lot of radio on television -- particularly sports talk radio. Mike and Mike (ESPN2), Boomer and Carton (CBS Sports Network), Dennis and Callahan (NESN), Dan Patrick (NBC Sports Network), Colin Cowherd (ESPNU), SVP & Russillo (ESPN News), Mike Francesa (Fox Sports 1), Michael Kay (YES), Doug Gottlieb (CBS Sports Network), Paul Finebaum (SEC Network) -- it is the perfect daytime space-filler for the 947 sports networks on cable TV. They've got live games at night. They've got to do something during the day. And sports talk radio is already there. You can argue that radio is dead (or alive and kicking), but sports talk has certainly found a niche on cable TV. It's also almost exclusively white and middle-aged... but that's a topic, perhaps, for another time.

I love radio -- always have. I learned so much about broadcasting -- so much about life -- in the greatest media classroom while a student at Syracuse University. The lessons I learned working at Z89, I still lean on today. Same with the friends I made there. While I was still in college, I turned an internship with the "Glenn and Pat" morning show -- yeah, that Glenn -- into a summer job at KC101. One of the great things about radio -- throwing on a hat and sweatshirt, showing up at work and talking into a microphone. When I did radio, I didn't have to worry about hair and makeup... though, I usually did. Well, at least the hair... I always worried about the hair. 


A quick update on the ACL recovery...

Things are moving along pretty well. When I'm sitting with my leg elevated and iced, it feels great. When I'm up and moving around, it's still pretty sore. The doctor says the leg looks good; the physical therapists say the leg is getting stronger. I'm still wearing the immobilizer, but I'm able to walk shuffle around a little with no crutches. (I know Dr. Kelley is shaking his head at me right now.) I still usually use at least one crutch so I don't put too much pressure and weight on the injured leg. I'm also doing my physical therapy -- squeeze the quads, lift the leg, bend the knee. Boring, but important work. 

Today's Title: The answer to an MTV trivia question

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