Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Spoon Full of Sugar...

That's what helps the medicine go down, right? Yeah, sure it does.

Mary Poppins has never met my son Ben.

Ben's pretty stubborn a cute kid. And he's not a fan of penicillin. It looks "cherry-licious" to me. But he says it tastes yucky. He's just getting over a case of strep throat -- and getting him to take his medicine has been a big production. We've tried just about everything -- surprise attack, hiding it in juice, rewards, bribes, threats -- it's not working.

Help. Seriously, fellow parents or grandparents, my wife and I need some advice. When it comes to children being stubborn, we pick our battles. But we want him to get better -- and this is a battle we need to win!

Today's title- The original Super Nanny.

1 comment:

  1. my 6 yr old would rather die of some horrible and rare infection than take ANY medicine. she has been this way since her 1st ear infection at 15 months old.

    at about 3 yrs old we made a check sheet for every dose she had to take with some sort of treat at the end. there were still tears when it was time for a dose, but a ride to the pet store or dinner at a favorite place was a nice reward for something unpleasant. and the checks helped to see that the end was closer and this wouldn't go on forever. (reassuring to mom and dad, too!)

    now my 4 yr old LOVES medicine and any excuse to take it. we have different worries with her. =)