Monday, February 21, 2011

Here We Go Again

We were in "Weather Alert" mode again this morning on Good Morning Connecticut. Gil had his sleeves rolled up, Teresa was telling us about several crashes and the Mobile Weather Lab was on the road. No, it wasn't the worst snow storm we've had this winter -- not even close. In fact, with this being a holiday for many people, and many schools and businesses closed, the timing wasn't terrible.

But Friday afternoon, I was wearing shorts. And I wasn't the only one. That's what made this little dose of reality a little more difficult to take. It's February 21st, and no matter what Phil or Chuckles say, we know it's still winter. But once you get a taste of spring, it's tough to turn back.

Well, at least spring training has started in Florida and Arizona. Let's Go Mets! (Hope springs eternal...)

Today's title - a one-hit wonder from the 90's.

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