Monday, September 19, 2011

September Grass

Today's post is more of a photo essay, than a written one. Because I think the pictures tell the story.

I went for a run along the immediate shoreline this afternoon and was struck by the amount of work that still needs to be done to get things back to normal after Irene. We know about hard-hit places like East Haven's Cosey Beach. That neighborhood may never look like it used to look. But there are plenty of spots that are still trying to bounce back, more than three weeks after the storm.

Dumpsters filled with pieces of a family's life - from furniture to a satellite dish
Tree trimming crews cutting broken branches and cleaning yards
Piles of twigs, branches, stumps, and even small trees
There used to be tennis courts under all that sand
Roads are covered with sand in some spots, washed away in others
Shouldn't September grass be more, um, green? 
We may all have our power back on... and the news may have moved on to the next big story... but for plenty of people, Irene is anything but old news.

Today's Title: James Taylor singing about soft, green grass..

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