Friday, March 18, 2011


It's Friday. And I don't just know that because Rebecca Black is trending on twitter today. But thanks to twitter, I now know who Rebecca Black is. And I feel bad for her.

She's got a song called "Friday" -- and it's blown up online. More than 16 Million people have viewed it. And apparently most of them hate it. I mean really hate it.

Good Morning America aired an interview with her this morning. Andrea Canning (the same ABC reporter who interviewed Charlie Sheen recently) asks her about the mean, hateful comments that have come her way. Black said she cried at first when she saw all the nasty comments -- including some people who encouraged her to cut herself and die.

"I felt like this was my fault and I shouldn't have done this," she said. Now she says she takes it in stride.

Seems that's the way things goes these days. And it's too bad. The internet gives people an amazing platform to create and share anything. And just about everything is set up with a comment section. At best, that creates community. At worst, it breeds hate.

Anyone who's ever put anything online has experienced this. I mean, some jerk even wrote an explitive laced diatribe in the comment section when we posted a short video of Emma singing "Meet the Mets" on YouTube a few years ago.

Look, I'm not saying "Friday" is a great song. It isn't. But it follows the same "simple lyric, catchy tune, good times" formula as big hits by Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Willow Smith and other Radio Disney favorites. The beauty of it is, if you don't like it, don't listen to it. And Rebecca Black certainly does not deserve so much hate.

Oh -- and full disclosure here -- as someone who grew up listening to and working on Top-40 radio, I appreciate a good pop song as much as the next guy.

Today's Title: Another pop song


  1. It is truly amazing how everyone can be a critic, Chris - until the barrage is turned on them.

  2. i've never heard of Rebecca Black, but my 4 year old came running when i clicked that link. lately i feel old complaining about kids and their music today, i still mostly try to love top 40...

    (i especially love that Sara Bareilles song.)

  3. And @Lou, it's especially easy to be a critic when you can be anonymous! Thanks for reading. You too, @queenvanna ;-)

  4. Chris, I am shocked at what people, even adult celebrities, are saying about this CHILD. Makes me sick. The song is terrible and annoying but really, she's a kid.

  5. As of today, GMA says shes getting death threats... These people need LIVES! wth?!