Monday, January 9, 2012

The Tebow Show (The NFL on CBS)

If you were monitoring twitter last night at about 8:05 or so, your timeline probably blew up with mentions of the Denver Bronco QB Tim Tebow. He was behind another Mile High Miracle. The final playoff game of Wild Card Weekend ended in remarkable fashion -- with an 80-yard TD pass from Tebow to one of his receivers (who cares who it was, really?) on the first play of Overtime. Broncos win! The Legend of Tebow continues.

But somewhere within the non-stop stream filled with "Wow" and #TebowTime was this from a NY sportswriter: "What we saw 2night is yet another reason why sports is greatest theater there is and the games always mean more than the bs."

That's the one that stood out to me. It's so true. Sports is theater. Sports is unpredictable. Sports is real-life drama.

I had no real rooting interest in the Steelers-Broncos game. Sure, I've got family roots from Pittsburgh, and I once was a Steelers fan back in the Bradshaw, Harris, Swann and Stallworth days. But now my heart bleeds Giants blue, so yesterday I was pretty happy. I was watching Sunday's late game because it was football and it was on true theater. Real "reality television." But unlike Jersey Shore, you can't script this.

I think the Tebow storyline has been fun to watch. Some question his traditional QB skills.. some support him no matter what.. while the guy says all the right things. And he wins. He's won at every level. And yesterday, he won again (throwing for 316 yards in the process) in a way that was fun to watch... but you could never script.

Today's Title: Tebow vs. Brady next week -> CBS wins!

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  1. Go back and look at all of the sports moments - Russia beating the US in basketball @ the 1972 Olympics, The "Miracle on Ice", Joe Carter's home run int he bottom of the 9th for Toronto to win a world series...
    You are so right - you can't script this stuff!