Monday, June 20, 2011

How Far We've Come

There is NO WAY it's been 20 years since high school. Seriously. No way.

Yet, somehow I attended my 20-Year High School Reunion on Saturday night. I had been looking forward to it, but I had no expectations. I guess that's a good way to go into something like that. I was just looking forward to seeing some old classmates in person.

I think the "in person" thing is significant here. Afterall, facebook has taken some of the mystery out of gatherings like this, hasn't it? In some ways it's good, I guess. You're already a step or two ahead when it comes to the catching-up conversations. The ice of so many years is already broken. You're also not staring at as many people -- looking down at their name tags -- trying to figure out who they are. But, then again, isn't that part of fun of a reunion? And reconnecting on facebook may make people feel like they don't need to attend a reunion.

I know these things aren't for everyone. When some people walk out of school for the last time as a student, they never want to return. They don't just close a chapter, they throw away the book. Others keep the book on the shelf so they can be nostalgic and flip through it once in awhile.

People came from near and far for our reunion -- South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arizona, London and France to name just a few places. We told stories -- maybe exaggerated a few of them. It's nice to talk about then, but it's also fun to find out about now -- to see how far we've come. And, I've got to say, my classmates have aged very well. We're adults now... we're professionals... we're parents. When we were 18-years old, we wondered where we'd be in 20 years. Now, we wonder how we got here so fast.

Today's Title: We've done pretty well for ourselves

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