Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Guys, I am overwhelmed. I'd say I'm speechless... but I'm writing a blog here. So I'll find some words...

The response I've gotten to my career change announcement this week has really taken me by surprise -- in the best way possible. I expected a handful of people to say, "good luck." I figured a few would say, "we'll miss you on TV."

I underestimated when I anticipated "a handful" and "a few."

I am humbled... I am moved... and I am appreciative. And I think there's a lesson here for all of us in this great business of broadcasting. We have an impact on everyone who watches or listens to us. Sometimes, that impact can be profound. And it's something we should always keep in mind and never take for granted.

Heck, that's a good thing to remember for anyone... in any line of work.

I want to share two messages I received that really hit me right in the feels.

In TV news, you're always pushed to think about what's next. Yesterday's story is "old news"; there's a new story to do today. But yesterday's story may have been a moment in someone's life... and to that person, that family, it'll never be "old news."
Wishing Chris the best of luck with his new career! He is an exceptional person who helped my son when he was in need of a living donor for a life saving liver transplant. He came the hospital and did a segment on him an old friend saw this and came forward and donated part of her liver. Chris heard about my son and without hesitation agreed to help. I will forever be grateful to him. Godspeed Chris.
In TV news, a newscast -- at its best -- is a shared experience. We forget that sometimes. Viewers don't.
We will miss seeing you in the mornings but sounds like you are really looking forward to your next chapter in life. I always enjoyed watching you, you always seemed so down to earth. One time that really sticks out is Dec 14th, you were reporting about Newtown and as I sat home and cried watching, it was clear how much it bothered you too. You weren't just giving us a story that night. I'm sure it was tough. Best wishes on your new journey. Job well done, you will be missed.
I can't tell you how grateful I am for posts like those and for all of the kind messages I've received. I've read every one. And I've tried to respond to as many as possible.

As I wrote, many factors have gone into my decision to leave TV news. Knowing I've had an impact on viewers' lives is humbling. I hope you know you've made a difference in my life, too.

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